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Hillary Fan

Cabling Sales Engineer
  • Over 13 years of cable sales experience

  • Excellent understanding of cabling products and production customization process

  • Good at communicating with customers

“My custom cables are of good quality and fit their company name Qualinet.”

John Wilson

Stablecom’s CEO

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Company: Qualinet Technology Co., Limited
Address: 5 Building, No.9,Changfeng Industry Park,Guangming New District,Shenzhen,China
Phone/WhatsApp: +86 156 5801 2001
Sales Dept. Email: sales@qualinettech.com

What cabling products are you trying to customized for your network project?

How long is your order production cycle?2022-02-28T14:56:59+00:00

Because we are standing stock optical cable, fiber optic patch cord, MTP/MPO,AOC, DAC delivery is 1 week, copper patch cord is generally 3 weeks.

Can you provide sample for us to test before customization?2022-02-28T14:48:23+00:00

Yes, if we have stock, we can provide you a free sample, if you need to re-produce a sample, we only charge the material cost, which can be deducted in bulk orders.

What details can you customize the patch cord?2022-02-28T14:31:32+00:00

We can customize cable specifications, colors, lengths, connectors and packaging according to your project needs. Can print your brand on products and packaging.

Can you customize cabling products according to the requirements of our project?2022-02-28T14:28:16+00:00

Yes, our factory has more than 15 years OEM and ODM experience, can be customized as per your requirements.